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SkyDNS provides telecom operators, cyber security software and networking hardware vendors, value added resellers, internet service companies web content filtering and cyber security products and services. SkyDNS is a fast growing company which has already become the leading developer of cloud-based content filtering solutions in Russia as well as Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Globally, our technology is already used in >40 countries. 

Through our work in the information security sector we have gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise as to how the internet works and is used, what threats emerge there and how to protect against them. With this knowledge and expertise we create an innovative technology based on resolving DNS requests to provide customers and partners with efficient and reliable products and services to protect against web threats and drive partners' revenue. 

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The technological foundation of everything SkyDNS does is our own database, SkyDNS DB of over 105M internet resources classified into 61 content categories. To achieve that SkyDNS processes and analyzes terabytes of data – DNS logs, data collected off the internet via our own farm of web crawlers and other sources. Our research team works with bid data using such methods as continuous machine learning, AI and user behavior analysis to enrich SkyDNS DB and ensure high quality of web categorization. 

We pay special attention to detection of dangerous resources and web-based threats. That's why the company launched a high-precision system for detecting malicious websites. It significantly increased our users' safety online and appended the SkyDNS DB categories most relevant to internet security. Armed with such sophisticated technology SkyDNS provides a number of solutions for partners and customers. 

SkyDNS for telecom

To filter the internet on any level – even nationwide network operators are free to choose any SkyDNS solution out of an entire range of brand free products and services aimed at operators. Whatever SkyDNS solution a telecom chooses to deploy, our filtering technology ensures end users get access to the allowed websites only.

Check out this leaflet to learn more about how SkyDNS provides countrywide content filtering and network security at a national level. 

Opportunities SkyDNS provides

To introduce an efficient parental control internet and mobile service providers can filter out porn, social networks, drugs, alcohol, extremist, hate, racism, weapons-related and other unwanted websites. To fine tune the filtering to individual needs SkyDNS customers choose what groups of online resources to block or allow among the 61 categories containing the most popular internet resources and almost all of the most dangerous ones. That is how access to inappropriate and age-restricted content is blocked in web browsers and mobile apps.

Specific sites are easily white- or blacklisted. The internet can also be filtered in a whitelist-only mode. To prevent bypassing SkyDNS you can easily block proxies and anonimizers. Together with the customized filtering telecoms' subscribers get such useful SkyDNS options as enabling YouTube Restricted Mode and SafeSearch Mode for Google and Bing to filter out most explicit content in search results and on YouTube. 

An ad blocking feature is especially popular with our customers as it speeds up web page loading due to the lack of annoying and distracting ads of any kind – video, audio, context, banner, and pop-up. The ad blocker also protects against malware disguised as innocuous advertising and ensures kids do not see inappropriate ad images - in web browsers and mobile apps. 

Using our solutions, internet and mobile service providers get detailed reports and stats as to the domains requested, either blocked or allowed, the most popular content categories etc.

SkyDNS supports HTTP and HTTPS filtering. The company's filtering technology supports any type of web connection - mobile (GSM/CDMA/LTE), wireless (Wi-Fi), broadband. Web traffic is filtered equally well, no matter what web-connected devices, new or old, are used for surfing (Wi-Fi or DSL routers, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.).

The SkyDNS filtering solutions support the most popular OSes (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android). SkyDNS can well be used to protect individual web-connected devices, entire networks of any size and public Wi-Fi hotspots. It can also be used as an option on special internet plans for children.

The SkyDNS filtering solutions are highly scalable and have a redundancy option. 

To learn more about how Telecom benefits with the SkyDNS products and services download our brochure.

ISP Cloud

Need to improve network-wide protection against botnets, malicious and phishing resources in an hour and to introduce child-friendly internet plans? Deploy the SkyDNS cloud filtering service! You just redirect user DNS requests to our filtering servers and define which categories of resources should be available to your subscribers. To integrate network equipment centralized management system with our cloud service, we provide telecom operators Subscription API. 

With 100% up-time during the last 6 years, our distributed network of servers located in Australia, Europe, South East Asia, both Americas, provides a fast response worldwide with no latency. Daily the servers process over 1B DNS queries blocking access to 9M queries to malware and botnets. 


ISP Go is a sophisticated parental control platform designed for telecoms to introduce an appropriately named service which can easily be monetized. The solution allows both, an internet service provider and its subscribers, to manage the parental control service. SkyDNS ISP Go is a standalone solution installed inside the operator's network on a dedicated physical or virtual server. 

The platform's designed with an open architecture in mind. ISP Go is totally brand free. After integration via API with operator's systems like OSS/BSS and a self-care portal the platform provides a parental control service under the operator's own brand. The software platform is intended to overcome the limits of NATed internet access because it is deployed inside operators' networks with access to internal IPs.

ISP Go uses the same technology and database as the SkyDNS cloud service. It guarantees high performance, stability and filtering quality for SkyDNS customers.

ISP Filter

It is a domain and URL blocking system for network operators to comply with the regulation by filtering out content prohibited by the authorities (from anti-piracy lists, those enumerating web pages and resources with child porn and other illegal content). With automatic updates to the compulsory lists of sites subject to blocking SkyDNS ISP Filter ensures operators are always on the right side of the law. 

If operators need to create their own lists of domains and web pages to always block or allow they easily can add them to black or white lists. 

With the SkyDNS technology several medium and large EMEA telecom operators – in the UK, Lebanon, Palestine and Lybia – successfully secures broadband and mobile networks. Globally, over 100 network operators protect millions of subscribers with the SkyDNS filtering and web security solutions. 

SkyDNS for software and hardware vendors

To add value to their products security software vendors and network hardware manufacturers can access our vast database of >105M categorized internet resources. With the treasure trove of data from SkyDNS DB vendors can expand functionality, improve quality of their products and get much useful data as to their end user profile. The latter comes in handy for better, more precise ad targeting. 

Customers can adapt SkyDNS DB to their needs by adding personal content categories and choosing the most convenient way to access the database - either via the REST Categorization API or Categorization SDK.

To get additional information about SkyDNS solutions for hardware and software vendors, check out our brochure. 


SkyDNS for network equipment manufacturers

With the SkyDNS technology network hardware manufacturers add to their equipment a number of useful features and options for web filtering, internet usage monitoring and web access management. SkyDNS enhanced equipment provides its users another layer of protection against cyber threats from the internet and infected user devices.

To showcase these features SkyDNS has created a content filtering module for wireless OpenWRT-based routers. Manufacturers can test routers with the SkyDNS module to see for themselves all the exciting opportunities it provides: 

By integrating our filtering module in their networking hardware manufacturers get additional recurring revenue – a percentage of the annual subscription fee paid by users on a SkyDNS plan. 

ZYXEL (Taiwan) and Fältcom (Sweden) are early adopters of the SkyDNS integration-ready solutions. In the EMEA these manufacturers successfully sell SkyDNS enhanced routers increasing end users' web security and getting more revenue. Dovado, another Swedish Wi-Fi router supplier will soon offer buyers its SkyDNS enhanced wireless routers. 

SkyDNS for cyber security experts and analysts

Recently our brand new data analytics system, SkyDNS Data for SOCs, cyber security experts, incident responders and researchers has been launched in beta test mode. The system has already attracted potential testers who need its data to fight cyber crime and its ballooning cost. 

The data analytics system consolidates and presents in a convenient form a set of data accumulated by SkyDNS:

  • Data generated via our cloud content filtering system (13 nodes around the world, >1B requests per day)
  • Data of a Passive DNS system, which is collected in our cloud (1.2B records), 
  • Data of a web categorization system, SkyDNS OctoDB, based on machine learning for detection of malicious nodes and categorization of internet resources, 180M domains in our index database). 

Such data is indispensable for dealing with cyber criminals who use the infrastructure of the internet to conduct attacks and hide them through changes in IP addresses, domains and name servers. Data of the analytics system will help users to increase their internet security potential in an environment where IT crime grows by the day.  

SkyDNS for customers 

Our cloud-delivered web content filtering service is based on SkyDNS DB and our distributed network of servers located all over the world. The SkyDNS cloud service is in demand with parents to protect underage kids against inappropriate and harmful sites, online time wasters and web ads.

Educational institutions of every level - from kindergartens to schools to colleges to universitites etc. use the SkyDNS service to safeguard students and employees from malware, phishing, botnets and unwanted internet resources.

To enforce corporate internet usage policies for any number of users, prevent staff from wasting work time on irrelevant web surfing and introduce an additional level of security against dangerous resources businesses use multiple features of our cloud filtering service.

With the SkyDNS service public Wi-Fi owners comply with regulation compelling them to filter out content harmful to children on freely available Wi-Fi at public places. Wi-Fi providers also attract more visitors offering a truly family-friendly internet on their networks. 

Value added resellers and software distributors SkyDNS provides with partnership programs, allowing resellers to drive revenues by offering customers new services based on web content filtering. 

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We are proud of all our products for content filtering, cyber security, data analysis, threat detection and web categorization – they are on par with those of market leaders. And we use every opportunity to showcase these products at the biggest industry events on a regular basis.

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